A Step-by-Step Guide on Garage Door Installation

To start with, let's unpack the major steps involved in installing a new garage door:

  • Determine Your Garage Door Size: Measure both the width and height of your current or intended garage opening. The standard dimensions for single-car garages are generally 8x7 ft, while double-car ones tend to measure 16x7 ft.
  • Selecting Your Preferred Garage Door Style: Choose from traditional raised-panel doors, contemporary styles with full-view glass panels or carriage house designs - each bringing its unique charm to your home’s exterior.
  • Pick Out Suitable Material: This can range from steel for durability, wood for classic elegance or even composite materials offering maintenance-free convenience.
  • Schedule Professional Installation: No matter how handy you might be around tools; this isn't a job recommended for DIY enthusiasts. Tal's Ultimate Garage Doors Inc. professional installation guarantees your door operates smoothly and safely.

Keep in mind that each step has its intricacies, so it's best to hire a professional installer like Tal’s Ultimate Garage Doors Inc., who are experienced and trained for such tasks.

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